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January thirteen, 2015 submitting ... a listener just lately asked if i have a existence Aside from all the items i do (commenting that with all that i do he couldn't think about where by I'd personally locate the time) ... be confident I'm "standard" in several respects ... i like a myriad of new music ... society ... journey needless to say ... and several far more factors of personal existence ... and I've an exceptionally prosperous palette of science and math interests which you see a portion of that retains me a lot more than busy ... Incidentally ... every single governing administration supported scientist which i fulfill miracles how in the world i do what i do with no federal government funding .

July 19, 2013 ... my weekly radio demonstrate is currently posted within the archive sub-website page ... be a part of me as i talk about the WASTE H2o MANAGEMENT crisis in the fashionable world ... you think that we have been Sophisticated ??? what is in the toilet ? We have now a tremendous mess and politicians are completely ignorant about your situation and Remedy (The actual Resolution) ... i also talk about some esoteric concerns with regards to exo-planets (planets in other star methods) and what is referred to as the "godless universe" wherever atheism plus the alleged massive bang are getting the place of the creator and this is getting compelled quite subtly on the public .

JANUARY 09, 2014 ... my weekly radio present is currently posted over the archive sub-webpage ... join me as i focus on the triggers of the severe Winter season climate ... solar disorders and Fake solar reporting ... the inferior conjunction of venus and its possible results on earth ... the fukushima poisoning from the pacific ocean and the Dying in the lifestyle cycle and foods chain ... The truth that We've to drain lake yellowstone to avoid a mega earth devastating super volcano however the leaders in both of those science and politics are inept and possess no clue what they need to be performing .

Might seventeen, 2014 posting ... Recognize ... a private responsible supply documented yesterday that their lender out of the blue and with no their ask for experienced improved the addresses on their bank accounts ... upon calling the lender and waiting on maintain for more than an hour no one answered ... he then called the crisis fraud selection for the bank and once more on keep for more than one hour and nobody answered ... so he went on the lender and they might not response concerning whom or why his addresses have been improved ... he withdrew all his cash with the financial institution ... it is obvious to me that his accounts had been going to be compromised ... the lender knew this but was looking to retain it a magic formula ... most banking institutions make use of the Open up SSL or other compromised encryption that's been phished because of the NSA and hackers within the Heartbleed and also other internet infestations .

November 23, 2014 putting up ... the managed smoooze noooze lately continues to be operating leader stories prepping the public to "count on chinese hackers to acquire down our energy grid" ... First off this is a single Wonderful reason NOT to promote the so called "intelligent grid" (what i call the DUMB AND DUMBER GRID) ... nonetheless ... as our ability grid stands today A lot from the region depends on 1900's grade engineering and isn't matter to hacking especially if you reside in a very rural place ... This is often such as Tale i just protected on the Chinese J-31 jet fighter airplane that they mentioned was carbon copied with the new US F-35 stealth fighter allegedly the look hacked through the chinese from some lowly US aerospace protection sub-contractor of giant lockheed martin ... NOPE yet again ... the best way this functions may be the world bankers Have a very network of "salesmen" who go armed service secrets throughout the world for enjoyment and profit but the end sport is to keep the most important powers "balanced" in order that if a single will get from line (such as you the US citizens) you are able to be conveniently put in your place by simply shifting the balance of power a little bit in favor of another facet whom Additionally they fund through their phony world banking community ... this was what the "cold war" was all about ... try to remember crawling below your grade school desk in drills intended to instill the Tale of All those horrible russians who ended up likely to blow us to smithereens on a minutes recognize ... this is how the bolsheviks obtained electrical power throughout the russian revolution ... the rothschild banking empire financed both of those the mensheviks and bolsheviks until finally they made a decision to Season 2 The End Of The Fucking World Minimize arms to the mensheviks and somewhat boost for the bolsheviks and WALLA ... a earn with the world bankers who currently experienced their banks set up and control of the russian federal government ... ya you betcha ... and also the russian men and women considered they won the revolution ... This really is how the bankers have managed energy over the United states of america and russia for many years (but oooops russia's putin is bracing in opposition to them now just isn't he ... so below comes the avalanche of work being positioned against him .

and now that killary has long been Allow from the hook ... ya guaranteed you betcha ... the FBI made a mistake ... they were not investigating her at all they say now ... WOW ... the fix is ON ... even more motive to become geared up ... 

February 23, 2014 posting ... the "deaths" of dozens of world expense bankers is heralding the beginning of a major modify within the world you see nowadays ... currently being thrown off structures or disappearing .

6 There'll look in the direction of the North Not significantly from Cancer the bearded star: Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria, The nice one of Rome will die, the evening above. November 03, 2012 publishing ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I used to be just engaged on the orbit of comet C/2012/S1 and an AMAZING alignment is in the brewing In the event the comet survives the mars passage unaltered (subsequent Oct) and the solar experience a yr from now ... commencing around january 8th of 2014 to january fourteen, 2014 There's a quadruple whammmmmmy of an alignment that entails earth !!!! Now we have Venus at inferior conjunction with earth AND The brand new moon passing AND none in addition to Jupiter the large male ALL ALIGNED electrically with the moon popping out of the blocking position and in what i call "The brand new moon passing" ... This can be finding true appealing ... the comet will probably be in the clear night time sky and we will probably be hunting directly at its nose and we might get to view some real fireworks as well as seeing exactly what the ancients observed ... lightning bolts throughout the heavens Using the earth in the middle and we may perhaps witness very first hand what while in the moses function they called the Pink HAND OF DEATH .

November 15, 2014 submitting ... THE Weather conditions ... world temperatures are consistently FAR Beneath Ordinary ... the modern UN report on international warming is often a complete sham and lie ... how scientists can assert this and after that assist it from the United Nations is past absurd after previous several years record breaking all time worst Winter season world large and now using this 12 months's Wintertime starting up even worse than final yr .

 ... WOW !!! thanks to one among my wonderful listeners We've got scored Large time on pictures and facts for comet c/2012/F6 Lemmon ... i will probably their explanation be putting up this the moment it all may be digested ... NASA and their mouthpiece front web pages foiled all over again ... their endeavours to hide information on this comet all for naught .

December 26, 2013 ... my weekly radio present has become posted over the archive sub-web site ... Because of EVERYONE for making this A additional reading prosperous calendar year ... including the individuals paid out to assault my excellent identify ... bear in mind i see this as an educational Resource ... to start with it brings numerous new individuals to my web page AND the moment the individuals are here they can see what I'm truly declaring and soon overlook the baloney Websites that brought them listed here .

September 19, 2014 submitting ... ANNOUNCEMENT ... NASA and various businesses are sending fleets of spacecraft to Mars just in time to see the Comet Siding Spring close passage ... including a person from India (wait holy hurry to get there Bat Man and boy ponder Robin ... India is sending a mission to Mars ???) ... Certainly all just in time for that passing comet ... but hold out An additional minute ... NASA just put out an official report which they anticipate Absolutely nothing to occur in the slightest degree including no observable outcomes over the comet passage only 82000 miles from Mars ... all tolled you'll find seven spacecraft ... two rovers on the bottom ... the Mars Orbiter now currently being joined by two others (the MAVEN mission) and then you can find the India space craft and one other .

May possibly fifteen, 2014 submitting ... my show is currently posted over the archive sub-web page ... be part of me on my weekly radio display tonight as i discuss monsanto and what I'm personally coming to the summary They can be deeply involved with chem trail spraying ... my primary science subject matter discusses Solar Fusion and Climate Improve ... a little something you won't ever listen to anyone speak about in the present managed science information media .

The myth of �financial cycles� is central to your extraction of prosperity from the Doing work populous.   Economic Collapses are managed planned gatherings to periodically rob the populous of their a long time of really hard labor.  Numerology, Cult Worship, Astrology and various historical rituals are accustomed to approach dates for these social engineering events.  Slavery will take a lot of varieties.   The controllers are very paranoid because their electrical power rests on an incredibly frail deck of stacked cards.   Maintaining The person guiding the curtain from the general public necessitates consistent vigilance.  Enter the insane world we live in nowadays.   Bear in mind The traditional texts specifically outlaw every one of the actions of SCEPTER, nevertheless through control of data the individuals have lost touch in their legitimate record and so history repeats by itself.

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